Adventures in Rainbow Country

Adventures in Rainbow Country

Adventures in Rainbow Country

The popular TV series 'Adventures in Rainbow Country' was filmed in the La Cloche area of Whitefish Falls in 1969. The series was produced by Manitou Productions of Toronto. It is available today on Youtube. 

A reunion for this show was held in Whitefish Falls August 11-13, 2006.  Many of the ex-cast and crew attended and a good time was had by all. It was a good opportunity to renew acquaintances and meet the cast and crew. Denis Belton did an outstanding job of organizing the reunion and his short film was a highlight of the weekend.

The official fan website is maintained by Clayton Self at "Adventures in Rainbow Country" Fan Site.

The series of 26 episodes was created and produced by William Davidson and the Executive Producer was Ralph C. Ellis. The regular cast was Stephen Cottier as Billy Williams, Buckley Petawabano as  Pete Gawa, Susan Conway as Hannah Williams,
Albert Millaire as Roger Lemieux, Wally Koster as Dennis Mogubgub, Alan Mills as  Dougall McGregor, Lois Maxwell as Nancy Williams and John Sadowski as Officer Nixon.

Guest cast included Gordon Pinsent as Father Bob Cobourn, Cec Montgomery as Voyageur, Don Harron as Inspector Saunders, William Osler as Mulholland, John Sullivan as Jack Sheldon, Bill Cole as Aerial Photography, Tanis Montgomery as Young Waitress, John Beltrami as Hotel Manager, Gilbert Geigler as Ricco, George Sperdakos as Youth Leader, Margot Kidder as Dr Rhodes, Duke Redbird as John, Vivian Cywinck as Wynona, Tim Gallagher as Race Contestant, Murray Westgate as Joe Bourke, Jim Barron as Constable, Eric Clavering as Hotel Owner, Kurt Schiegl as Diner Owner, Chris Wiggins as Fred Vincent, John Berger as
Vincent's Assistant, Eric Christmas as Circus Aerialist, Jim Barron as Eli Rocque, William de Marois as Eli's cousin, Zillah Carter as medicine woman, Michael Zenon as truck driver, Marc Strange as Wilbur Massey, Ralph Endersby as Vince, Bertrand Gagnon as "Big Joe" Lavallee, Peter Hartman as Underwater Photography, Austin Willis as Philip Hurst, Leslie Barringer as Philip Jr., Don Borisenko as Russ Jordan, Hugh Webster as Shorty, J J Markle as OPP Officer, Jean-Louis Roux as Colonel,
David Hemmings as Soldier, Chuck Shamata as Soldier, Duane Howard as Soldier,
Bernard Lapierre-Assiniwi as George Thundercloud, Sonny Bell as Duke,
Rex Hagon as Bragon, Louise Blondin as Sidney, Percy Rodriguez as Jim Rusk,
Rex Sevenoaks as Frank, Christopher Pellett as Danny, Ed McNamara as
Jewel Thief, Ratch Wallace as Jewel Thief, Gerard Parkes as Reynolds, Henry Ramer as Ralph Walters,George Allan as Tommy, Bob Warner as Lands & Forests Officer,
Bill Hart as Lands & Forests Officer, Jack Van Evera as Frustrated Fisherman,
Tom Harvey as Deliveryman, Chief Arthur Nawegahbow as Chief, Tony Kramreither as Defector, Eric House as Hawkins, Ken James as Security Officer, Len Birman as
Kidnapper, Miles McNamara as Norman, Peter Donat as Lodge Guest, Frank Perry as
Travers, Wilmer Nadjiwon as Chief and Anthony Parr as Mining Co. President.

Photographs from the 2006 Whitefish Falls Reunion!

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