Photography by Jon Butler

Jon Butler is a retired newspaperman who changed his clothes to enjoy the
passing seasons of life.

He has been capturing the light and spirit of La Cloche for over 35 years.

Jon’s interpretive vision has resulted in the creation of a photomontage series
combining original images.

His fine art landscape photographs are collected internationally and have been
exhibited in 12 solo exhibits, 46 group exhibits and 30 juried shows over the past 17 years. They have appeared in numerous magazines, books, and newspapers including the CD ‘Willisville Mountain’ by Ian Tamblyn and the national bestseller ‘In the Footsteps of the Group of Seven’ by Jim and Sue Waddington.

The colour, details and shadows seen in his photographs are achieved through the use of camera settings and Jon’s unique sense of light. Jon’s exhibition photographs are usually taken at dawn during the few moments before the sun rises. He uses no filters or colour alterations and he has photographed with a variety of film and digital cameras including a 2 1/4 Mamiya, 4 X 5 Linhof, 8 X 10 Agfa and Nikon/Canon digital cameras. The photographs reflect years of meditation on the subject matter and they draw viewers into the light of La Cloche. All limited edition photographs are original, manipulative free and in a limited series of 10 or less.

Jon’s ‘Photo Haiku’ is a form of mixed media combining limited edition photographs and an original haiku. A haiku is the expression of temporary enlightenment, in which we see into life and in this case it is La Cloche.

Jon and his wife Kerry are founding members of the La Cloche Mountains Preservation Society and the Willisville Mountain Project.

Jon’s photographs are available at Turners Gallery of Little Current and The Art Gallery of Sudbury Boutique.

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Jon Butler photographing La Cloche in 2005 with a Linhof 4 X 5 camera.
Thanks for the photograph 
Rob Stimpson

La Cloche Spirit: The Equivalent Light

The ‘La Cloche Spirit: The Equivalent Light’ is a photographic exhibition by Jon Butler exploring the equivalent light of dawn and how it evokes inspirational space and captures the timeless beauty of nature. It was part of the Toronto ‘CONTACT 2012’ international photo festival, it was exhibited in Sudbury at the Vale Living with Lakes Center and at the Gore Bay Museum and Gallery.

In 2013 the book ‘La Cloche Spirit: Contemplating Beginner’s Mind’ was published with photographs from the  exhibit and original haiku poetry. The signed limited edition book is being sold as part of the ‘La Cloche Spirit’ package.

” This is a book about learning.

Learning about photography and photographs that communicate with the viewer.

Learning about life and the beauty that awaits us every, single day.

Learning about a path that leads to everyone’s Willisville Mountain.”

Each ‘La Cloche Spirit’ package includes a signed limited edition book ‘La Cloche Spirit: Contemplating Beginner’s Mind’. This is a signed limited edition of 150.

Each ‘La Cloche Spirit’ package includes a signed and matted limited edition photograph. Each photograph is a limited edition of 10 and it is from the La Cloche Spirit portfolio; however, it may not have been included in the published book.

The ‘La Cloche Spirit’ package sells for $180. The signed books and matted, limited edition photographs are not sold separately. Framed photographs may be available for some of the photo series.

'La Cloche Spirit' packages are available at Turners of Little Current on Manitoulin Island, The Art Gallery of Sudbury, Friends of Killarney Park Store in Killarney Park or from Jon at

A Selection of Photographs....
Natural light with no filters or computer enhancement.


“Landscape is a medium for ideas.”

– Robert Henri

“Whiter than the stones
of Stone Mountain –
autumn wind.”

– Basho

The details in a landscape mean nothing if they do not express some mood of nature felt by the artist/photographer.

“I strive to capture internal feelings and the external harmony of the natural world – the passing seasons of life.”

Thank you!